Friday, February 3, 2012


Well, after 20 or so "Sorry, this blog address is not available" here I am: my first "real" blog. I'll be writing my thoughts on technology, particularly on programming.

I've been developing sofware for some time now, but I'm also interested in 2d/3d design, music software and games. I work mostly with Microsoft technologies but I have an open-mind to try out new stuff.

Somethings on which I would like to blog about:

.NET in general

- ORMs
- NoSQL - MongoDB
- Tuning

GIS / Mapping
- Bing Maps, Leaflet, OpenLayers
- NHibernate Spatial


Game development for iOS
- Cocos2D & Box2D

Well, you get the picture.

This isn't in any way a roadmap or anything, just mumbling (hence the title) :)

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  1. Boa pah! :) Apesar de isto ser muito geek pra mim.