Saturday, August 9, 2014

Game-development Log (2. Visual Studio Online)


IMHO a project needs planning/tracking. I'm all pro-Agile, but using that as an excuse to avoid any analysis, documentation and tracking is a common mistake. Also, it's very hard to deliver working software without a proper release cycle. With that said, one could argue that for a single-person project this isn't by any means a requirement. Regardless, I plan to do it and I'll try to follow a professional approach to building this game (which sometimes isn't particularly easy as I'm doing it on my free time after both my kids have gone to bed :D).

I'm using Visual Studio Online for work-items/release management and source-control, including its link to Azure.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Game-development Log (1. Introduction + WebAPI for map tiles)


Although my blog has been mostly dormant for the last few months I've kept myself busy making various experiments with mapping and gaming. I've expanded some of the ideas that I've already posted and I've prototyped some new stuff.

My intent: to create a massive online strategy game where there's a single shared persistent battleground and a pseudo-realtime gameplay mechanic. Yeah, lots of fancy words without saying much, but if it all goes as planned could be quite interesting. In a worst case scenario should be fun to build.

My plan is to document the progress on my blog (particularly as what I have now are mostly disconnected pieces) and deploy the new iterations as frequently as possible.