Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Splitting vector and raster files in QGIS (Part 2 - Creating a proper QGIS plugin)

Part 1. Splitting vector and raster files in QGIS
Part 2. Creating a proper QGIS plugin

On my previous post I've created a python script which could be executed inside QGIS in order to split the various layers onto smaller, more manageable chunks.

I've been wanting to create a proper QGIS plugin to package that logic for some time but I've been postponing it as I was expecting it to be slightly tricky, mostly due to the fact that I've never done a QGIS plugin before and anticipated that it could quite challenging.

Truth be told, it was actually quite simple. Due to a mix of awesome online documentation and some starter tools this was mostly a straightforward process.

Let me start by showing the end-result and them I'll explain how it was built.