Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Creating a simple TileServer with .NET Core 1.0 (Part 2 - Drawing Lines)

Part 1. Setting up the the project
Part 2. Improving drawing logic

On my last post I've setup an asp.net core project which outputs simple maps tiles dynamically generated using the ImageProcessor library (which now supports .NET Core).

As I've mentioned that lib doesn't yet include drawing functionality, so on this post I'll try to address that as a pre-requisite to being able to draw proper map tiles. For now I'll focus on drawing lines, including support for variable width and anti-aliasing, doing some benchmarking along the way to make sure that the performance is adequate.

By-the-way, since my first post the proper 1.0 release has been launched, so I'm also updating the code to reflect the latest bits :)

Lots of stuff to do so let's get started: