Monday, July 23, 2012

C++ revisited

During my academic and professional life I've been in touch with lots of different programming languages, for example:
Pascal, C, C++, Prolog, Java, Lisp, Javascript, C#, Smalltalk, and many others.

With time I lost contact with most of them, except C#, Java and Javascript.

Recently, as explained in my blog, I began to delve onto mobile game development using C++, mostly because it's a supported language in most mobile operating (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8), and the "El Dorado" of being able to develop once and run everywhere (sort of).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Custom Map Tiles (Part 5 - offline maps on iOS)

In this post I'm going to create an iOS mapping application, with the added benefit of using my own map tiles served offline, i.e, deployed with the application without requiring network connection.

I'm going to use a library called MapBox-ios-sdk and the tiles will be created using TileMill and served in the .mbtiles format.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Load-Testing ASP.NET MVC (Part 3 - JMeter (slightly more) advanced)

Part 1 - Apache Workbench
Part 2 - JMeter introduction
Part 3 - JMeter (slightly more) advanced

As promised, in this post I'm going to explain some more JMeter stuff. So, I'll show how to:
  • Submit information (HTTP POST)
  • Handle authentication
    • Particularly in the ASP.NET MVC context
  • Read information from a page and store it in a variable
    • Particularly to read the ASP.NET MVC anti-forgery token
  • Vary the posted data by reading it from a CSV file
Also, I'll include some extra elements to make the test more maintainable and professional.

So, again, lots of ground to cover so lets get started.